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Name: Amuwen
Race: Wood Elf
Tribe: Aellenrhim/Maeverhim (raised as Aellenrhim)
Age: 190
Sex: female
Height: 1.5 peds
Weight: 1.2 pygges
Appearance: Amuwen is very spritely looking, graceful, slender and very short as the Aellenrhim are known to be. She has a darker more golden skin color and black hair taking after her Maeverhim side. It cannot be denied that Amuwen has all the beauty of a true enchantress with her lustrous looks and large brown eyes. She prefers to wear light clothes of natural colors but is very partial to bright or shiny accessories; scarves, ribbons, gloves, jewels and sashes are very attractive to her.
Amuwen is a very practical and educated young lady, but still hides the child-like ways of the Maeverhim deep down inside. She would never admit to being a dreamer, but indeed does dream of far away lands and of home and things to come. She likes to pretend she is very serious and solemn but most people can see right through her. She is very kind and compassionate for others and would do anything for a friend, but never cross her or her wrath will bestow itself upon you and you will feel it long after. Amuwen has a burning rage built up inside ready to be unleashed upon anyone should they upset her in the least. She is still quite like a child inside but tries very much to be a woman. Amuwen's beauty is very woman-like but in her eyes you can see the innocence of youth.

An Aellenrhim trader went down to Elving, where a large trade market was set up by the Quaelhoirhim, to barter for salt and other goods needed by his tribe. The man stayed for many days in Elving and one day heard from another trader of a great Winter festival held by the Maeverhim that many people were welcome to partake in. Because the trader had never been this far from his lands or was able to see other elf traditions, he decided he may as well take the opportunity to see something new.
The festival was held high up in the trees, as the Maeverhim never touched the earth. At this festival there was much merrymaking and all the elves were as children with their games and laughter.
One such young elf at this festival was playing a game with some of the other Maeverhim youths, trying to find and catch a rubit. This wasn't an easy task as they were within the city of Seraia and the rubit was less often seen here. The other difficulty was that the elves had to get very close to the ground by holding onto the city rafters and lowering themselves down. Touching the ground would have led to a tribal shunning and so they had to be very cautious not to slip or fall.
The young girl mentioned, that was playing this game, was doing fairly well. She had tied a bit of her scarf onto a rafter for added support as she lowered herself down, but she had to switch from rafter to rafter, and indeed the scarf was quite weak. Then she spotted the bright shining give-away ears of a rubit. In excitement she reached out for the rubit, held on only by her precious scarf. Suddenly a sound was heard of the ripping and tearing of fabric, and in seconds the young elf was lying upon the cold hard ground.
The Aellenrhim trader witnessed all of this dreadful accident, and thought that surely the girl was killed. Her battered body could be seen broken and bleeding across the earth. The festival grew silent as the elves one by one were told of the falling. All of the elves gathered from the rafters to look down upon the girl. Then to the surprise of the trader, they all turned their backs and went back to their festivities.
The trader, realizing that none of these elves were going to touch the earth to bother with the now cursed girl, rushed down from the city rafters. Reaching the girl he placed his hands over her head and body, feeling for the signs of life. Then faintly from deep inside, he felt the presence of life. Pulling together what magic and knowledge of healing he had, the trader pulled forth the life from within the girl and strengthened it with his own life force.
The trader awoke days later to find the girl weak but alive. Knowing that the girl had been shunned and had no home to go to, the man took her with him back to Elving to be nursed back to health. The man cared for the girl for many days before she was well enough to walk again. When the girl was able to care for herself, the man gave her the choice to stay with the Quaelhoirhim or to go with him to his home with the Aellenrhim. Accepting that she could never return to her home in Seraia and knowing only the man that had cared for her for so long, the girl chose to go far from any familiar lands and live with this man and his tribe in Ranndár.
The girl was accepted into the Aellenrhim with little difficulties as the Aellenrhim are quite hospitable although not used to seeing many outsiders. It was a very different environment for the girl, even the food here was different. At first the girl kept to herself and grew thin with a lack of eating. Her diet had consisted mainly of berries, nuts and leaves with very little meat other than occasional bugs and rubits. In this new tribe their diet was made up of many of the same things but a large portion of it consisted of smoked meat and fish. The girl was also not used to breads and had a very hard time with the change in diets.
With time the girl was as any other member of the tribe, and had grown into quite a beautiful woman. The man that had fostered her for so many years, decided it was time for the girl to marry and have a family of her own. She was betrothed to a good man of a neighboring family and married him, accepting that this was her foster father's will and she would obey him as he had taken her in and cared for her when no one else would.
The girl was a very good wife and obediently produced a daughter within the first year of her marriage. After the child was born, the woman grew very sick and was ill for many months. The woman recovered from her illness, but was very weak and was unable to have other children. Her husband accepted this, but she did not, feeling that she had failed in her duties as a good wife. The woman refused to let her body get truly back to health and remained very fragile and weak. She died after many stubborn years. The girl was left with her father's family so that he could remarry and have a new start.
The girl was trained in the knowledge and lore of her people and was taught many languages and could read and write in them. She was well taken care of by her father's family, but she was not wanted and received little of the love and caring of a real family.
After many years the girl decided to go out into the world. She knew little of her mother or the place she had come from, but she was determined she would know more. Setting off on a trade ship, the girl went down to the Zeiphyrian Forests to live with the Quaelhoirhim, trading her skills as a teacher and scribe for shelter and food.
The young elf made many friends with the Quaelhoirhim and lived a very pleasant life with them, teaching their young and gaining more of her own knowledge from the travellers that came through.
After many long years with the Quaelhoirhim, the girl has grown weary and bored with her monotonous life, and set off once more, travelling the land and gaining further knowledge. Her ultimate goal is to learn about her mother's history and people, but at present the girl is still quite frightened of the tribe that cast out a young girl for merely touching the earth.

Strengths and Weaknesses
StrengthsVery learned and intelligent, good with a bow, quite spritely and nimble and an excellent horticultarist.
Weaknesses: Unforgiving, too innocent and naive at times, and physically quite small and weak.

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Amuwen carries precious little with her. A leatherbound satchel containing: the little money she has earned; a dalor she received in payment for teaching two merchant's children how to read and write in styrash (she preferred this gift over other things as it would replace candles for light, she always detested candlelight but never could tell just why); several bright blue ribbons cut from a scarf that had belonged to her mother; a writing quill; a pot of ink; several scrolls; a bit of sealing wax. Carried at her waist is a small pouch for things she would need to reach more often, like a few coins or bit of dried meat or bread. On her back with the satchel is a quill containing several arrows and a bow.

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